I look up from the table

Laid before me, a feast of lies

They’d feed me ’til I’m full

Force feed me ’til I die

Dull my eyes, steal the air from my lungs

Crush me from the inside out

Crush me just for fun

Open up

My head explodes

Overflowing from the excess

Chaos reigns

Kill the host

Revel in the silence

Leave the table as it was

Bite the hand

Feed yourself for once

Sweet Tooth Curse (Ingesting Words)

I know the taste of bitter truth

It can’t be cleansed

It’s of no use

Sweet tooth curse

No curing me

Ever seeking words to eat

Getting more

Exceeding what I bargained for

Flavor out of question

Swallowing them whole cuts out all the guessing

Ingesting fact and fiction