Idle time

Light dancing in the dark

The candle burns

Wax drips in fits and starts


Tendrils of gray smoke

Rays of flame

Drawing me in close

Moth with ashen wings


Immolation soon complete

Light Casting

Another silhouette against the morning light

Another shadow in the corner of your eye

Slipping out of view

Spots in your vision, old ghosts to remind you

Find your place in the shade

Dawn casting rays upon your scarred and troubled face

The new day has come

Casting silhouettes in shape of days dead and gone

Heat and Pressure

Flashes ephemeral

Jewels of glass, set upon my brow


Perspiration is my crown

Ruling over visions

Extracting diamonds from within

Pressure forming stones that glisten

Reflecting light most dim

Beauty juxtaposed to coal black origins

The many facets, faces looking back

Telling a history of life beneath the cracks

Ages passed before emergence



Making diamonds in the darkness

Mourning Light

Sweet air, thick and sticky

Another humid summer morning

Small beads of sweat, like dew drops adorning

Dancing on your skin in the early shine

Evaporating quickly

Thrown into the fire


Porphyria takes a grip

Burning, sudden pain

Hold to shade

Leave lamps unlit

Fearing its’ presence

Longing for the night

Spend Apollo’s hours

Mourning the light

The Study

There is a place I like to dwell, deep within my mind

A reflection of myself in a room from distant times

Walls lined with weathered books of dark, romantic verse

Curtains always tightly drawn

The sun is my one curse

Thirsting ever for more oil, a lamp burns on the desk

All is dark and silent only when I rest my pen

No bed do I keep, for sleep is truly sacred

I prefer the cold, hard floor

Less likely to be tainted

Stained by bitter passion

Memories are swept away by the coming and the passing

Nothing’s lasting in the study of my mind

Everything in this dim light can play tricks on the eye

A Grain of Sky

The summer sky at night is alike to any other

Empty of all light aside from stars that sputter

Flicker out of sight

Contending with the moon to see who is most bright

A tight race, neck and neck

The moon borrows its light from our own little speck

A traitor to the stars

Equally as dim from some other planet, far

Feeble, just the same

In this desert ocean, we are not but one small grain

Clouded Eyes

Cloud covered skies are easy on the eyes

Filtering pain from the light

Mighty sensitivity, thanking the shade

Eagerly awaiting the night

I fight in the day, just to stay open

Reflexively they remain shut

I never was a light heart

No child of the sun