Information Highway

There’s so much going on in this global community

So much information that even more goes unseen

Take what you can glean and hope you have the facts

I can guarantee the big pictures not intact

Lacking all direction, thoughts pile and collide

You try to take a moment, but there’s no place left to hide

The information highway is a twisted autobahn

No sign of a turn off, no place to gather thoughts

The Candidate

You’ve got your job in government

I hope you’re gonna make a mint

‘Cause every penny ends up spent in court

Endless rounds of litigation

Legalese procrastination

All the while your savings waste away

By the time you pay your dues, to poverty you’ll be reduced

There’s no use, can’t quit while you’re ahead

Your bread and butter was from others

Now just another guy in the soup line

Change of Taste

Don’t want to be the one you see at lunch on MTV

Don’t want to be your drive at five

Just wanna make enough to have a buck when I want it

Live in some run down, small apartment


I used to have these dreams of being some big something

It seems I’ve had a change in taste

Don’t wanna waste all those precious little moments

When you live large, time really flies


I don’t want to die like idols

Don’t give a fuck who laughs or cries

I just want my life modest

I want to leave something behind