Not for glory, not for adulation

Just to make sense of myself

Endless dissertations

Volumes shelf upon shelf

Telling obvious truths, thinly veiled secrets

Exploring strength and knowing weakness

Keeping moments

Ink to page, or forget

Thought stains

Keep the memories fresh

Before and Beyond

I saw you last night, I called out your name

Passing out of sight, passing through walls

You were gone again

Shadow in the shade

Becoming one

A dream into memory

Remember me

The way I used to be

A few short steps behind

With all the world between

Forgotten Wilds

I used to wander the countryside, through the pines and the ceders

Greeting great maples and oaks, brimming with life

Occasional willows, walnut trees, birches barked in white

Giving way to little known meadows

Old places hid from memory, each a breathing echo

Deeply rooted in the past

Centuries standing either side of the path

Adventures, lost

Before satellite maps


Foundation abandoned

Stone steps to mark the way

Ascent to echoes, lost secrets of this place

Taken away

Taken to grave by denizens of old

No occupancy, save for mice and voles

Hidden in the cracks

Nesting in the ruins of memories past


I press my face against the glass, just to feel the cold

Memories from distant past, when I was ten years old

I hold the images, reach out for the sensation

Try my best to save them, frame them, keep them clear of dust

Frost kissed cheek, daydreaming on the school bus

Lost in thoughts of thoughts lost that I thought when I was lost

Pines greens, winter whites and greys all blended up

Dappled with orange light

Blurring by my window

My kaleidoscope of ice