Early morning

Idle time

The climbing sun comes at last

Another day dawns in earnest

The summer months go by fast

Flash of fire, then back to dark

Long nights and pitch black skies

Time seems to stretch on in the absence of the light

Shade of Winter

Reaching out into light

Cold night air, clinging at the shadows

Flowers in the door yard

Beauty of the fall

A hard Winter’s warning

Mid autumn morning heeds the call

Frost stalling for a moment

Lingering in darker places

Soon to mist, then gone

Traceless, weightless vapors

Chased off by the Sun

Stiff Fingers

Frost reaches for the window

Widow spider named Winter

Stark scenes of muted greys and crystal whites that shimmer

The glimmer hides the lie

Ice wind across your face

Bites your nose

Bites your eyes

Romanticized too much

Stiff fingers and black toes as you lose your sense of touch

Angel of death, descending with the snow