I’ve gone through the steps again


Gone until my feet bled


Ever harder to attain

Reaching new heights never was my aim

I only crave the struggle

Whether I ascend

Whether I’m buried in the rubble

Keen Motivator

Bruised and broken

Lost my focus

Home in on the pain

The only constant in my life

My enemy and friend

Ever present

Always has my back

One hand on my shoulder

Another on the haft

Twisting the blade


I’m hard to motivate

The Deal

I don’t know why I keep this up

It’s only for myself

Nobody cares for me

And I care for no one else

My personal hell, laid out on the page

People take a glance, then carry on their way

So many days

So many years I’ve invested

Always in the red

One sided transactions

Incomplete Image

I suppose I’m here for the wrong reasons, as I often am
Despondency runs deep
I have my motivations
Not common place
I’ve always stood apart
Hard to figure out, despite my open heart
I’m abstract art
Impression of a man
Strange figure
Marred by misinterpretation