I used to love the small hours. For a time, I lived most of my life between midnight and five in the morning. The substantial bits, at least. Now I feel quite miserable if I stay up past eleven. To be fair, I was a meth addict back then. I’d rather be early to bed than early to the grave, so I’m definitely better off now.

I didn’t really begin this post with any direction or purpose in mind, but it’s served well in temporarily preventing me from wasting time on social media. I suppose I’ll head back to bed and try to get some sleep. I don’t know if it’s stress that’s been messing with me lately, but I could do with a proper rest.

Hope everyone is doing well. Bye for now.

J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd

At Dusk

Evening bloom takes the eye

Drawing in for night

Quiet garden in the last light

Tucks itself in tight

Time for rest

Bud, beast or man

All sleep to pass the time

All silent in their beds

Seance of the Sun

Pre-dawn specter

A shade against navy skies

Shapeless in the small hours

Soon the enemy will rise

Bright lights

Aural assaults

People wailing

Derail my train of thought

Stark contrast

Seance of the sun

Bound here, in a place I don’t belong

Night ramble.

Though I’m always tired, I often find it difficult to sleep. Decided to pass the time with some photography. I’d normally edit the results, but I think a few of the photos stand up on their own. I hope everyone is well, and enjoying their day/night.

Restless Coast

Sleep comes in fits

Hours flit by like moths at the window

I gather my thoughts

Spell them out in lights

Similar allure

Eyes from the unknown

Often lost

Denizens of night

Drawn to beacons

These towers of the mind

Souls caught on the wind

At my window, they arrive

Thistle Days

Early morning hours, creeping up again

Eyes blurred, heart beats weakly in my chest

Lest I take myself to bed, I’ll surely fade away

Pain will greet me in the morning when I waken out of place

Frayed edges of sleep, caught on thistle days

Pulling at the threads that help me keep my shape

I unravel before the sun

Relentless Waves, Static Shores

I can’t get past the stress

All the questions in my life

I lay in heavy silence

I find no peace at night

Just the weight of all the choices

Each one set in stone, stark and grey

Ever joyless

I throw myself against them

Breaking like a wave

They wont budge, but I’m relentless

When my will is all but spent

I piece myself together and start it all again

Land Reflecting Sky

I found myself in a dream

The skies alight with fire

Running through a forest with only one desire

Tired, seeking some respite

A mass of molten rock streaks by, burning with white light

Smiting trees before the landing

Tearing into earth and stone, like a bullet from a handgun

Something knocks me off my feet

The force of the impact scatters birds and beasts

Now the forest burns as the sky does

There’s nothing I can do to escape the violent fires

Explosions break the night

Lost in the trees, running from the light