Harbors of Night

Questing toward new horizons

Shielding my eyes from the sun

Vast ocean before me

Shores to learn my touch

Off on the tides

I’ll arrive by still winds

I’ve been drifting through the night….

Across the world within


Moving up into the shallows, just to know the sun

Unfamiliar chaos

Lights that rob my vision

Vulnerable, blind

I can hardly see a thing

I retreat

Back into the deep

I need peace

Leave me in the dark

If that’s the world above, I don’t want any part


Am I out of touch?

Out of step?

Out of depth?

How many fathoms down am I in this abyssal trench?

Questions met with silence

Too few swim the waters that I myself reside in

Shying from light, shying from eyes

Hiding on the ocean floor

Pass over me on route to unknown, distant shores

I’m a primordial echo

Trapped in a place where the past comes to settle

Island Etchings

Someday I’ll stand on this small island and watch all the bridges burn
I’ll turn, take in the full three hundred and sixty degrees
I’ll breathe, taking in the smoke from my social pyre
I’ll feel higher
Finally above it all
I’ll sprawl, singular in my space
Tracing letters in the sand
No more fear of losing face
I’ll erase them with a motion
My little island etch-a-sketch
Alone in this vast ocean


I’m just like an ocean

Coming, going as I please

Often quite predictable

Like any open sea

Not to say I’m boring

There are storms and deadly swells

Days of placid beauty

Like a drifting, timeless spell

Hell hath no fury like the mistress of the tide

Holding back the abyss

So many hundred fathoms try

Ache to swallow the world

Become one with beauty

Earth aqua-pearl

The Surface

Energy renewed

Drive put back in gear

No more going in reverse

Forward, facing fears

I no longer hear the doubts

They used to drown me out

Leave me standing ever still

Drifting further

Further down…

Now I’m surfacing

Clearing water from my lungs

How it hurts and stings

My eyes are burning

I know I’m alive