After Sinking

If consistency is key, I might be nearing my escape

Small box where I languish

Spend all of my days

Wave after wave of letters

Cresting, endless rhythm

Washing over me as chains assure of my position

Ocean floor

Running out of breath

Breaking out is the beginning

Next comes the ascent

Tidal Thoughts

These fleeting moments of ambition, bubbling to the surface before bursting. I try my best to nurture them. Long, sleepless nights, spent at my bedside, head cradled in hands. Tumultuous depths, disturbances, then placid once again. Reflection comes back into view. Temporary clarity, then chaos renewed. Is this progress? Is this regression? I wonder in endless tides, rising and falling, often caught in shallow pools. Vain attempts at ruling these small worlds within worlds.

Tidal Drift

Like a rare light in ocean depths, I shine best in isolation

Glimmers out of sight, trick of the eye

A speck in your vision

Drifting aimlessly through life

Undercurrents move me forward

In a murky, endless night…

Washed ashore, where I remain for the low times

Again borne

Away on high tide