Decades in the dooryard

Interred underfoot

Once lost, now lone survivors in the dirt

Fragments anchored in the past

Also fading, though fated to outlast

Bottle caps, coins, wayward toys and beads of glass

Moments in the strata

Decades looking back


Sending hope forward, into the unknown

Hoping for serenity

Note to a future self

Attempting to sway the course

Seed fate

Become a self sustaining force

Grow more

Learn more

Know yourself, set out from there

Be the wind at your back

Be the sails full of air

Be the fair seas behind and before you

Abandoned Years and Lost Futures

Vivid dreams of days long past, bringing me to tears

Memories of carefree play, bursting with good cheer

Memories of myself, always standing to the side

Lost opportunities

Lost my inner child

Declining to take part

Now I’m all alone with my closely guarded heart

Always Becoming

Trails of light that you follow

Streetlamps line the path

Will you stay the line, or will you stray into the black?

There’s no backtracking

The way dissolves behind

Forward into happenstance

Chance and your designs

Find balance, strive for adaptivity

Harmonious, self synchronicity

Forgotten Wilds

I used to wander the countryside, through the pines and the ceders

Greeting great maples and oaks, brimming with life

Occasional willows, walnut trees, birches barked in white

Giving way to little known meadows

Old places hid from memory, each a breathing echo

Deeply rooted in the past

Centuries standing either side of the path

Adventures, lost

Before satellite maps


I’ve known strange days

Hidden away in memory

Interplay between past and present feelings

I’ve strayed away

Withdrawn into my mind

Tried to learn the act of healing

To seal the wounds I can reach


For those that run too deep

Light Casting

Another silhouette against the morning light

Another shadow in the corner of your eye

Slipping out of view

Spots in your vision, old ghosts to remind you

Find your place in the shade

Dawn casting rays upon your scarred and troubled face

The new day has come

Casting silhouettes in shape of days dead and gone

Smoke and Memories

Dawn of sobriety

Eyes clear, mind lagging behind

Reality is cruel

A simple fact of life

Nights spent, restless

Barely getting through to morning

A few cold beads of sweat are the only early warning

Body wracked with pains

Worse than all the anguish I’ve been feeding to the flames

Face full of smoke

There’s no walking away from that which hurts the most

Deviating Paths

Something in the way we spoke left a deep impression

Lessons learned, all innate and unburdened by the effort

Thoughts exchanged, paths deviating once again

I’ve always been “that quiet guy”

Your distant, silent friend

But it seems the end has come

I turned my back too long and now that life has come undone

Pieces scattered by steady winds of change

I tried to return, arriving out of place