An Earthly Demise Revisited

Dirt in my eyes
Dust in my mouth
Mud in my veins
Embodiment of Earth
I’m all that remains
Pained by the ignorance of a species gone wrong
I grow weaker as they’re growing strong

Valued, claimed and depleted
So sick and fevered, my surface so heated
Greeted by death from afar
If you can’t see it coming, you’re not looking very hard
Tars, oils and minerals refined
Countless syringes stealing what’s inside

Dirt in my eyes
Dust in my mouth
Mud in my veins
Embodiment of Earth
I’m all that remains
Slain by the ignorance of a species gone wrong
I grow weaker as they’re growing strong

Broken down as they build it up
The natural balance, untenable
Eruptions of power are my retaliation
Mutual destruction
My mutilation
Utilize my body, try to get ahead
I’ll see your end long before I’m dead

Burning the skies, clearing them out
I’ll erase it all with famine, sickness and drought
Don’t doubt I’ll cut them loose
I am the Earth
I don’t need you

Paths to Experience

Realms of thought

Some small and obtuse

Acute perspective

Narrow field of view

Choosing isolation

Others vast and diverse

Well traveled destinations

Expanding every day

I strive to be the latter

Open mind


Dueling Principles

Battle scars

Fighting the world

Fighting myself

Adversaries on all sides

Seeking them out

Challenge, conflict, justice served

Motivated by the ignorant

Spurred on by the hurt

I don’t insert myself in other people’s business

But I know what’s right, and I know what isn’t

Seance of the Sun

Pre-dawn specter

A shade against navy skies

Shapeless in the small hours

Soon the enemy will rise

Bright lights

Aural assaults

People wailing

Derail my train of thought

Stark contrast

Seance of the sun

Bound here, in a place I don’t belong

Important Decisions

I may have posted in the past year about trying to get my foot in the door of the skateboarding industry, and I’m here to tell you I haven’t given that up. I did a paid campaign before the holidays to give away a free deck, and handed out a few more besides. Most recently I’ve come up with a brand I’ll be trademarking soon, and I’m officially putting Lucas B. Melo on as my first sponsored skater. He hails from Brazil and practices freestyle. With some luck, hard work, and support, the aim is to get him into some AM level contest. The ultimate goal is to create an avenue for underprivileged skaters to not only participate in skating, but potentially thrive and make a career out of it. Lucas is the first to set out on that journey, and Brazil is the jumping off point. To make this clear, I’m on a shoe string budget. I had to move back in with my Mom, I have no nine to five as backup, and I only have a grand a month to live on, and support this project with. That support includes the salary I offered Lucas, which is the equivalent of a month’s wages in his country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my personal cost, I’m complaining about the fact that I can’t afford to pay him more. A month’s wages in Brazil is only just over $200 CAD. If I could, I’d pay him a real salary, but I have rent and the like to worry about as well. It’s in light of these facts that I’m now considering a Patreon page, solely to increase what I’m able to pay Lucas, and improve the platform to lift future skaters out of poverty. I’ll be setting it up in the coming months, and while I normally refrain from asking for any kind of assistance, I would appreciate it greatly if you helped to spread the word. I’ll update here with details leading up to the launch, between the usual torrents of mediocre free verse. Thank you for bearing with me, I realize this was a long and rambling affair.

Warm regards,

J. C. Lloyd

The Deal

I don’t know why I keep this up

It’s only for myself

Nobody cares for me

And I care for no one else

My personal hell, laid out on the page

People take a glance, then carry on their way

So many days

So many years I’ve invested

Always in the red

One sided transactions

Always Becoming

Trails of light that you follow

Streetlamps line the path

Will you stay the line, or will you stray into the black?

There’s no backtracking

The way dissolves behind

Forward into happenstance

Chance and your designs

Find balance, strive for adaptivity

Harmonious, self synchronicity