Being of Thought

I am a living totem

Goliath of my craft

Lord among romantics

Peasant to the rest

Tempest in my hands

Constant torrents of black ink

Dark clouds stain my mind

Stray drops stain my skin

Tapestry Man, abstract sight to behold

Shifting lines, blots taking on new forms


Between forms

Suspended state

Hidden from the sun


Who knows what I’ll become?

Static, yet something stirs inside

Evolving, searching with new eyes

Breach the light

Seek change, and new horizons

Look inside, I’m sure that’s where you’ll find them

High Winds Weathering

Grande view

Lonely perspective

Raptor on its’ perch

Strange outlook

Aimless in its’ search


Taking note, but never wing

Flightless one

Pray, come to me

See my feathers, see my eyes

See my talons set to rest, razor beak dulled by time

Remind yourself, age takes pity on no earthly living thing

Neither beast nor man, or anything between

Catching Up. Wearing Down.

Isolation in my nature

The world is catching up

Turns out being stuck at home isn’t very fun

For years I’ve said as much

I’m not on vacation

Some days I need a cane to walk

Twenty eight and fading fast

Body breaking down

Mind ever lasts

Casting light on deepest suffering

Crushed by the reality that it will stop at nothing