Night ramble.

Though I’m always tired, I often find it difficult to sleep. Decided to pass the time with some photography. I’d normally edit the results, but I think a few of the photos stand up on their own. I hope everyone is well, and enjoying their day/night.

Slow progress

I’m still working on getting everything together for the official launch of my skate company. It’s taking some time, but I’m patient. I’ll just keep at my other projects and keep skating in the garage until it all clicks. Well, maybe I’ll let my toe heal a bit first. Broke it the other day. Anyways, I’ll let you go (whoever you are). Hope you’re doing well.

P.S. The new deck I got from Blood Wizard looks pretty nice with those glowing rails.


I press my face against the glass, just to feel the cold

Memories from distant past, when I was ten years old

I hold the images, reach out for the sensation

Try my best to save them, frame them, keep them clear of dust

Frost kissed cheek, daydreaming on the school bus

Lost in thoughts of thoughts lost that I thought when I was lost

Pines greens, winter whites and greys all blended up

Dappled with orange light

Blurring by my window

My kaleidoscope of ice


Season clawing at the window

Season standing at the door

Radiating cold

Watching the frost form

Branching out like ivy

Parallel reality, of straight lines, and spires that shimmer like glass when the sun breaches the horizon

The light holds little warmth in this place

Subzero clime

The Crystalscape

Winter is approaching quickly in Canada, and I feel like I’m not even close to prepared. There’s quite a lot that goes into the process, especially when you live in an older house. Here’s to hoping that I get everything sealed up and ready in time, so I can enjoy the few benefits of a long, dark winter.

Have a lovely day, wherever and whoever you are.


Waiting for change is a losing game

Wasting finite moments

Devoid of substance

Shell of a life

Filled with fruitless hoping

Endless coping with loss

Stuck in a rut, the whole world up above

I’m looking skyward


From here, I’ll go unheard

Silent Gardens

Mired in thought

Depths unknown

Lost to the waking world

Wide eyed

Still as stone

Passersby unheard

Blinded by the visions

Reminiscence, mixed with hopes and wishes

Flitting by while I remain


Statuary man

Shade of Winter

Reaching out into light

Cold night air, clinging at the shadows

Flowers in the door yard

Beauty of the fall

A hard Winter’s warning

Mid autumn morning heeds the call

Frost stalling for a moment

Lingering in darker places

Soon to mist, then gone

Traceless, weightless vapors

Chased off by the Sun

Change of pace.

I’ve been repairing and collecting consoles, controllers, accessories and games this last month. Perhaps something of a midlife crisis, but it’s been fruitful. Any boxed item in this picture is actually in the box, with everything included (even the paperwork). The Action Set and the Super Nintendo are both in near mint condition regarding the actual hardware, though the cardboard has aged in the way that most does. Since coming into my care and being worked on, this photo was the first time they’ve been out of their climate controlled, sealed containers. Something inside me really disliked setting it all out on the carpet, regardless of having vacuumed and dusted. I’ve still got to clean the shells of a couple systems, so I suppose I’m off to do that. Luckily all the soldering is out of the way for now. I hope everyone else’s month has been as productive, even if the world is set against you.

Warm Regards,