Blood Investments

The news has made the rounds now

Sirens sounding

Shrill despair

Fear was in the dooryard

Now it’s coming up the stairs

Careless politicians

Greasing gears of war

When it comes to economics, there’s nothing they like more

The Endless Headache; Verbal Destreza

As someone who uses the internet on a regular basis (more specifically social media), I tend to get into a lot of arguments. Sometimes I’m just another voice, trying to hammer reason into some MAGA man. Sometimes I’m the magnet, drawing too much attention. Each and every additional person that joins the “conversation” wants to start from the beginning, forcing me to either point out the day old discussion that answers all their stupid questions, or begin another grueling “battle of wits”. That frustrates me beyond compare, as I take the time to look into things before challenging them. I only expect that simple courtesy from my would be opponents. I’m not trying to master some verbal Destreza and defeat a seemingly endless stream of contenders. I feel like I was going somewhere with all of this, but I think it can stand on its’ own. No need for a summation of one drawn out thought.

The Candidate

You’ve got your job in government

I hope you’re gonna make a mint

‘Cause every penny ends up spent in court

Endless rounds of litigation

Legalese procrastination

All the while your savings waste away

By the time you pay your dues, to poverty you’ll be reduced

There’s no use, can’t quit while you’re ahead

Your bread and butter was from others

Now just another guy in the soup line

No Teeth

I feel I’m running circles

Tracking my own steps

Writing of the same old things until there’s nothing left

No fresh ideas, no muses

Like a wolf that lost its teeth

I no longer have the tools to live

Don’t have the tools to eat

Nothing seems to go my way

It’s not for lack of effort

I just end up far astray

All the same wrong turns

I always feel so far behind where I was at first

Trumped Up Process

Today may be the day that change comes to the world

Not a change for better, instead we will be hurled

Thrown into great depression

Trust in democracy?

From here it only lessens

Even if rejected from the office

Barring rigged results, that monster has a caucus

People willing to grant power

Zero relevant experience, a lecher and a coward

How many lie in wait?

If you look at history, most are much the same