Just a little over 300 days left on my current project. I suppose I should specify, as I have a lot of projects on the go. I’m referring to my daily updates, and the reason I took up that challenge. My intent is to publish a volume called “A Year in Verse”, which will encompass 365 days of unedited writing. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll be sending out a handful of copies to my most faithful readers. I’ll be sure to reach out when the time comes, to collect the pertinent information. Thank you for bearing with me through this little update, and thanks once more for taking time out to read my work. It means quite a lot to me.

Warm regards,

J.C. Lloyd


I decided to claim my domain after all these years. I’m hoping that the investment incentivizes me to post more frequently. Despite the upgrade, I don’t intend to really change anything about the site itself, except video blogs. I’ve been meaning to do some poetry readings for a long time.

In other news; I’ve been doing a lot of random projects. Some for a laugh and some for a buck. Depending on how I ultimately format this, you might have already seen a photo of my Frankentendo.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you for your time and patience. Enjoy the rest of your day.

What’s to Come

Lately I’ve been torn between two projects. As a type one diabetic, food is important to me. It has to be enjoyable since I practically bleed for it in a fashion, so I became a competent cook at a fairly young age. This was before I learned traditional flavor profiles and as a result, I’ve refined a number of strange, yet alluring recipes. The ongoing battle of putting together a cook book is cutting into the lifelong battle of putting together a collection of my best poetry. It’s hard to budget time in a world full of distractions and discouragement, but I aim to have a copy of each on my shelf in the next four years. Even if I have to print and hand bind them myself, which happens to be my third passion.