New Again

Where do I belong?

I can’t really say.

The world is a strange place, full of uncertainty.
I never tire of seeking answers.

Looking for passion that comes with understanding.

And though I’ve known a great many things, I feel drawn from familiarity.

To wander out the door.

I’m at home in a strange land.

Reveal Me

No patience for weak minds

Malign me and pay the price

I’ll tear you down with words, or with violence if I like

I’m not the type to be pushed over

I’ve carried a knife since I was eight years old

I’m colder


More resistant than steel

Talk down to me

I’ll crush you under heel

Humanity in Actions

“Suffering on a smaller scale is still suffering”
The thought didn’t cross my mind until an hour had passed
The moth still skittered and slid across the laminate, unable to fly
Its’ broken wing and battered body wouldn’t allow it
Beat after beat, those wings never ceased
The pain must have been unbearable
But who am I to end suffering?
Some compassionate reaper, or a child with a god complex?
I suppose the latter could apply in both cases
In the end, I took its’ life for a second time
First being the moment I swatted it from the sky
Destroyed its’ life without a thought
Curious that I could so carelessly cause suffering, yet hesitate to end it
I suppose that makes me far from compassionate, and much closer to death
Suiting for one who lives life like a spendthrift

High Winds Weathering

Grande view

Lonely perspective

Raptor on its’ perch

Strange outlook

Aimless in its’ search


Taking note, but never wing

Flightless one

Pray, come to me

See my feathers, see my eyes

See my talons set to rest, razor beak dulled by time

Remind yourself, age takes pity on no earthly living thing

Neither beast nor man, or anything between

Réflexion du Mal

Over seven thousand days of putting pen to page

Started writing around nine

Poetry, my shame

For years I tried to hide

I found Baudelaire at twelve

Silent friend of a silent creature

Silver mirror in that hell

Obscured by shadow

Saw my reflection in the eyes

Indifference, anger, lust, avarice

Each cresting like waves, then placid for a while

Moments holding to the quiet

Reflecting on the beauty of the chaos and the violence

More years dwelling in perpetual dusk


Silhouette I’ve become

The Northern Desert

New year, just as frigid as last week

More winter months ahead

Ice in heavy sheets

Sleet to muddy the eye

Blankets of snow

Bed of another kind

Slip beneath time’s flow

Season of darkness

When frost bites at the windows


This desert of the north cold

Signal Fades The Year

Flashes of light to mark the end

Explosions in the sky

Necks craned as colours hypnotize

Fire and sulphurous smoke

Immolate the year’s end



Burn it all away

Resolutions and lost hopes

Scorched away by coloured flame

Tidal Thoughts

These fleeting moments of ambition, bubbling to the surface before bursting. I try my best to nurture them. Long, sleepless nights, spent at my bedside, head cradled in hands. Tumultuous depths, disturbances, then placid once again. Reflection comes back into view. Temporary clarity, then chaos renewed. Is this progress? Is this regression? I wonder in endless tides, rising and falling, often caught in shallow pools. Vain attempts at ruling these small worlds within worlds.


Arms crossed, perched upon an ice box

Rod tucked under arm

Cold days of early winter

Fingers feeling numb

Somewhere deep in thought

Broken only for a moment as the line goes taut

The clock sets

Lost under horizon

Marking the end

Homeward goes the fisherman


I’ve known strange days

Hidden away in memory

Interplay between past and present feelings

I’ve strayed away

Withdrawn into my mind

Tried to learn the act of healing

To seal the wounds I can reach


For those that run too deep