Spent myself at the wishing well

A nickle at a time

Endless descent

Endless run on rhymes

Endless eyes flitting past

Flickers of light

Endless shadows cast

Falling into night

Never catching sight of the bottom

Ambitions, like wishes

Rust away in darkened waters


Expectations low

Just as I hold my head

Empty hands in fists

Never held outstretched


Guiding every step

Perceived and played a fool

Pretending that I am



Expectations low

I know that some things aren’t for changing

One Way Commodity

Though I’m here in spirit, my body has decayed

Consumed by my indifference toward my squalid state

Every joint aches, pains so damned persistent

Been so long since I tried

I no longer know my limits

Time is finite

Relativity can attest

It only slips away

Yes, time is only spent

Unlike the serpent, Money

You can earn that back

But it isn’t worth your time

Nothing is, at that

Perhaps I’m coming into focus?

I’ve never felt so clear, though lacking any purpose

I Don’t Play

Simple things bring greater joy

Complexity makes poor toys

Most boys tend to think this way

Best suited for some idle play

I’d much sooner test my brain

Something more ornate to gain

Tame creatures with a wild side

On the edge with open eyes

Trying to relate…

Something more dynamic

I don’t like the static games