Thin Memories

Lost in shades of dreams of days that never came to be

Memories fade and colours start to bleed


Falling through the cracks

Imaginings of futures, all turning into past

Present unfulfilled

Resemblance minimal to the boy who sought the world


Nothing seems to come on slow

Suddenly, most things go

Coming out of shadows

How can so much surprise lay in waters shallow?

Callow in the ways

I drift through murky waters I can’t navigate

I never stray to shore

Land doesn’t carry

The current moves me forward

Sure, there’s less control

Life on this dark river takes the burden off your soul

Inanimate Reflection

Old pine paneling

A tarnished bedside stand

A stack of classic books

A pen, some ink and sand

A mirror hung askew, as if to make a statement

The way I often see myself is subject to displacement

And evident in my surroundings

Cold steel frame, old boxspring sounding

Drowning all else out

The screech of antique coils, bearing weight with doubt

A stout box of cigars, empty for a century

So hollow and profound, like it really gets me

Let me ramble on

Or simply walk away

I’m bound to change while you are gone