Stay the Course

Relax for a breath, then again into the sea

Massive swells

Threat of capsizing


Take it head on

Don’t turn your bow

There’s nowhere to run

Don’t succumb

Don’t take on water

From the blue above, to the dark blue under


I surface for a while

Try to keep myself abreast of the waves

Take in air, take on water

Slip beneath them once again

Tumbled head

No sense of which way’s up

Chaos below, just as it is above

I’m lost, just flotsam in a raging sea

I’m a wreck

Vessel crushed upon the reefs


I’m just like an ocean

Coming, going as I please

Often quite predictable

Like any open sea

Not to say I’m boring

There are storms and deadly swells

Days of placid beauty

Like a drifting, timeless spell

Hell hath no fury like the mistress of the tide

Holding back the abyss

So many hundred fathoms try

Ache to swallow the world

Become one with beauty

Earth aqua-pearl