Night ramble.

Though I’m always tired, I often find it difficult to sleep. Decided to pass the time with some photography. I’d normally edit the results, but I think a few of the photos stand up on their own. I hope everyone is well, and enjoying their day/night.


The season takes hold

Puts me in my place

February comes, blizzards in its’ wake

Winds shaking this old house

Temperatures plummet

I’ll try to wait it out

Doubt creeping like the cold

Cutting to the bone

The season takes hold


Season clawing at the window

Season standing at the door

Radiating cold

Watching the frost form

Branching out like ivy

Parallel reality, of straight lines, and spires that shimmer like glass when the sun breaches the horizon

The light holds little warmth in this place

Subzero clime

The Crystalscape

The Northern Desert

New year, just as frigid as last week

More winter months ahead

Ice in heavy sheets

Sleet to muddy the eye

Blankets of snow

Bed of another kind

Slip beneath time’s flow

Season of darkness

When frost bites at the windows


This desert of the north cold

Winter is approaching quickly in Canada, and I feel like I’m not even close to prepared. There’s quite a lot that goes into the process, especially when you live in an older house. Here’s to hoping that I get everything sealed up and ready in time, so I can enjoy the few benefits of a long, dark winter.

Have a lovely day, wherever and whoever you are.

Frozen Clime

I find myself staring out into a crystal scape

I know the short, dark days intend on a long stay

Trees swaying, stripped of all their leaves

Ice reaches into cracks, a grip that wont release

Please, grace me with some warmth

I fear I wont shake the cold that creeps into my core

It bores into my heart

Just like the frigid flurries, it tends to stop and start

Part of me just wants to let it win

Lay down beneath the blanket and wait for it to end