Abandoned Years and Lost Futures

Vivid dreams of days long past, bringing me to tears

Memories of carefree play, bursting with good cheer

Memories of myself, always standing to the side

Lost opportunities

Lost my inner child

Declining to take part

Now I’m all alone with my closely guarded heart


Small offerings, left at the door

A visit from the stray

Often caught in glimpses

Never to be tamed

Nameless, unfamiliar to touch

The alleyway wanderer, strolling by at dusk

Trust, too seldom on display

Just looking for a place to get out of the rain

Memories in the Cellar

Memories are vicious things

Poison barbed and bitter

Whether good or bad, for the worse more oft than better

Letters written in the past

Outlets for emotions and a way to make them last

Some passing, some strengthening like wine

Growing more complex

Having great effect on mind

My cellar full of poems

A cool, dark place for me where I can be alone

Wake Me

I look ever to tomorrow in hopes of better days

I’m often proven foolish

They all turn out the same

Shame and shattered hopes for me

Always on my own

I don’t know a better way

Pain is all I’m shown

Loan me something new

I sorely need a break

Make me someone else

There’s little more that I can take…

Wake me up

Please be my better day