The Edge of Everything

Passing through cracked sky

Slipping between clouds


High above the ground

From troposphere to stratosphere, mesosphere and on

Through boundaries, into the beyond

Deep space

Past the reaches of our familiar Sun

Seeing in a new light

See the universe undone

Fraying at the edges

Lost void

Grand precipice

Gaze into the well

Cast yourself and make a wish

Spectral Type O

Cast me into space

Body weightless

Set me ablaze

Hang me up among the stars

Let me shine blue for ten mega-anna

Then collapse into my heart

Into the stellar core

Violent supernova

Black hole of remorse

Nothing is Static

Beast of infinite pieces

Ceaselessly evolving

Revolving cycles

Aging like the sun

I’ve lived lifetimes

Seemingly anchored in one spot

Held aloft, in a vacuum, shining through cold space

Caught in a current

The fourth dimensional wake

I’ve been places, so devoid of understanding

Ever lagging, in a plane ever expanding

Breathe in the Here

One breath to dull my senses

Another dulls the fear

Three breaths can take me places so far from the sphere

A breath, I’m firmly planted on the planar ‘scape of weird, wondered little things

Feel no pace, ways are clear

Hear the joyed distractions

Whispered in your ear

Lose all trace of time

Take a breath in the Here.

Illusive Life

I must admit, I have no plans

For today, nor for life

I wander through consciousness, hoping for a light

Some illuminated path

I can’t remain this aimless

Twenty four long years have passed

I’m still grasping at the straws

Caring not whether I grab the shortest one or not

Taught to see the world in terms of opportunity

Have I just gone blind, or have they all eluded me?

The Stray

I often slip away and hide myself from life

Wandering so aimlessly, in and out of sight

No light to guide the way

Never anywhere for long

Ever called “The Stray”

Strolling deeply shaded allies

Always somewhere in between

Never a fixed address

Passing close, though rarely noticed

The life of a Wanderer is lonely, though not hopeless

Focus likes seclusion

I may be lost in my own world, but I hold no delusions


A Grain of Sky

The summer sky at night is alike to any other

Empty of all light aside from stars that sputter

Flicker out of sight

Contending with the moon to see who is most bright

A tight race, neck and neck

The moon borrows its light from our own little speck

A traitor to the stars

Equally as dim from some other planet, far

Feeble, just the same

In this desert ocean, we are not but one small grain

Dark System

Little lights before my eyes
Hearts hung up like stars
Always so beautiful
Yet so distant
Forever far
I’m the dark, forgotten rock
Drifting out in space
No star to call my own
No warmth upon my face
In my empty system, I’ll forever wait
Come, O lonely star
Share your light and grace