Ebbing Temper

A babbling brook flows quickly through my mind

For a time, calming

The sound of water rushing by

On and on and on

It seeps into dreams, fills my ears

Starts to wear me thin

It becomes a river

Will I sink or swim?

No Teeth

I feel I’m running circles

Tracking my own steps

Writing of the same old things until there’s nothing left

No fresh ideas, no muses

Like a wolf that lost its teeth

I no longer have the tools to live

Don’t have the tools to eat

Nothing seems to go my way

It’s not for lack of effort

I just end up far astray

All the same wrong turns

I always feel so far behind where I was at first

Relentless Waves, Static Shores

I can’t get past the stress

All the questions in my life

I lay in heavy silence

I find no peace at night

Just the weight of all the choices

Each one set in stone, stark and grey

Ever joyless

I throw myself against them

Breaking like a wave

They wont budge, but I’m relentless

When my will is all but spent

I piece myself together and start it all again