Atlas Stone

I rise after silence

Weight like a stone

Buried inside

Stomach twists and turns

I’m learning new ways to hurt

Colours of purple and red

And I cannot find the words

Curse the body

Trying to dull the mind

Sanity crushed by the atlas stone of life

Catching Up. Wearing Down.

Isolation in my nature

The world is catching up

Turns out being stuck at home isn’t very fun

For years I’ve said as much

I’m not on vacation

Some days I need a cane to walk

Twenty eight and fading fast

Body breaking down

Mind ever lasts

Casting light on deepest suffering

Crushed by the reality that it will stop at nothing


Elder creature, crying eternally

Oldest of friends, you strike a nerve with me

Past are the years of youth in this pet

Each day he survives, the worse he will get

Regretfully, I think he’s nearing an end

Silence the suffering

We all need some rest

Just let him fade away

In nature there’s no medication

Let him act his age