Find Spring

Try to outrun the weather

Clouds sever, disconnected from the sun

Bearing down

Storm brewing in the door yard

Hard rain

Soil begging for days

The dry spell is over

Sky coming down in waves

Tomorrow’s Weather

Sun peeks through before slipping under

Just a taste on an overcast day

A sign of things to come

Forecast looking up

I keep my fingers crossed

Tossing my head back

I wonder at the sky

Until it fades to black

Until it’s time to rest my eyes

I’ll be dreaming of a sunrise

Seance of the Sun

Pre-dawn specter

A shade against navy skies

Shapeless in the small hours

Soon the enemy will rise

Bright lights

Aural assaults

People wailing

Derail my train of thought

Stark contrast

Seance of the sun

Bound here, in a place I don’t belong

Eastward Glare

I rise in repetition
The drudgery of a day
I wish the night was static
Forever stuck in place
To taste eternal darkness
That would bring me peace
Or a case of blindness, to hide the world at least
East, I stare contemptuously
Go away, dread Sun
Set a final time
Your life has gone on long…
Long enough

A Grain of Sky

The summer sky at night is alike to any other

Empty of all light aside from stars that sputter

Flicker out of sight

Contending with the moon to see who is most bright

A tight race, neck and neck

The moon borrows its light from our own little speck

A traitor to the stars

Equally as dim from some other planet, far

Feeble, just the same

In this desert ocean, we are not but one small grain

Severed from the Sun

Groaning joints and weakened limbs

Sickly little tree of sin

Slim and sinuous

Like a whip

Of mort-flesh, cut in strips

Ripped apart by stormy weather

The skies aren’t likely to get better

Severed from the pretty Sun

I live rooted in the mud

Clouded Eyes

Cloud covered skies are easy on the eyes

Filtering pain from the light

Mighty sensitivity, thanking the shade

Eagerly awaiting the night

I fight in the day, just to stay open

Reflexively they remain shut

I never was a light heart

No child of the sun