Early morning

Idle time

The climbing sun comes at last

Another day dawns in earnest

The summer months go by fast

Flash of fire, then back to dark

Long nights and pitch black skies

Time seems to stretch on in the absence of the light

Tomorrow’s Weather

Sun peeks through before slipping under

Just a taste on an overcast day

A sign of things to come

Forecast looking up

I keep my fingers crossed

Tossing my head back

I wonder at the sky

Until it fades to black

Until it’s time to rest my eyes

I’ll be dreaming of a sunrise

Mourning Light

Sweet air, thick and sticky

Another humid summer morning

Small beads of sweat, like dew drops adorning

Dancing on your skin in the early shine

Evaporating quickly

Thrown into the fire


Porphyria takes a grip

Burning, sudden pain

Hold to shade

Leave lamps unlit

Fearing its’ presence

Longing for the night

Spend Apollo’s hours

Mourning the light

Eastward Glare

I rise in repetition
The drudgery of a day
I wish the night was static
Forever stuck in place
To taste eternal darkness
That would bring me peace
Or a case of blindness, to hide the world at least
East, I stare contemptuously
Go away, dread Sun
Set a final time
Your life has gone on long…
Long enough