Quiet Keys

White like the page

Letters black

Mimic ink

Connection lost along the way

Lever, bell, carriage sway

Ribbon spool keeping pace

Now empty space, a wake of silence

Charm falling prey to science

The digital age

Update, conform, replace

I’m the lost wonder of a world less connected

Remnant of the last millennium

A time when questions outweighed answers

Adventures laid in ink

Witness to the change

Digital age

Endless links

Now guided to discovery

No mystery

More decisions taken from me

I’ve been working on a few projects, and one thing led to another. I’m now in the process of repairing a Commodore 1702 monitor. The sound board is dead, plus the colours are off. It should be fine once I replace all the capacitors, then fine tune the potentiometers. The VIC-20 responded well to being recapped, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Deaf ears, blind eyes and the like.

—– I used to have a seemingly bottomless well of patience with the world at large, but it’s all but dried up in the last few years. Feels that no matter what happens, no matter what’s said, things just get worse. When did society as a whole lose its’ way so completely? Was it always this bad before global communications became commonplace? I spend a lot of time thinking on such things, wondering if there’s some corner of the world that’s untouched by this modern condition.

Change of pace.

I’ve been repairing and collecting consoles, controllers, accessories and games this last month. Perhaps something of a midlife crisis, but it’s been fruitful. Any boxed item in this picture is actually in the box, with everything included (even the paperwork). The Action Set and the Super Nintendo are both in near mint condition regarding the actual hardware, though the cardboard has aged in the way that most does. Since coming into my care and being worked on, this photo was the first time they’ve been out of their climate controlled, sealed containers. Something inside me really disliked setting it all out on the carpet, regardless of having vacuumed and dusted. I’ve still got to clean the shells of a couple systems, so I suppose I’m off to do that. Luckily all the soldering is out of the way for now. I hope everyone else’s month has been as productive, even if the world is set against you.

Warm Regards,


No Signal

I never truly stop, I’m not lost

I’m self contained

I’ve always got something that I want to pen to page

My endless, ageless passion

I cannot count the times I’ve been labeled as “old fashioned”

Keys crashing with echoes of antiquity

Lost with my typewriter; a gift that’s all too dear to me

My way to be connected, though often hid away

Mechanical extension

Carriage, bell and tape

Infinite Brink

My mind will not cease and I’m fresh out of paper

The electronic age is a demon and a savior

Data seems so limitless, invisible to eye

One day it will collapse, all is lost on the inside

Tried and true methods, set in stone

Such as ink

They make me feel at home

Not upon some endless brink