Perhaps a ghost, only visiting.

A mystery then. Quiet beauty and inner worlds.

She, lost in thought

I, lost in her.

Was it nothing?

A miscommunication?

Curiosity, or just simple fascination?

I can’t be sure.

A sense of words unspoken.

Burdened with the weight of years.

No simple man of letters

Spirit of the words

Lingering years

Son of Earth

Smoke filling lungs

Spirit of the world

No simple man of letters

Let the pages fox and curl

Dog ear the history

Let it fade

Destroy the concept

Lost in the grey


One day

When the kingdom falls and heaven comes crashing down

I will become king, wearing ruins like a crown

My gown, of ash and dust

I’ll swallow up the sun

Leave the rest to the rust

The extinction of everyone


It comes to a head

Burning Earth

Leaving this whole world for dead