The Calm

Sun extinguished, inner light shines forth

Keep the gloom at bay

Wind swept fields

Bracing for the rain

The black shapes

Blanketing the sky

Lightning strikes

Turn a blind eye

A memory saved

Of summer storms

No longer afraid

Forecast Warning

Foreboding horizon

Dark skies approach

First a distant rumbling

Then the sudden cold

Wind, rain and thunder rolls

Like waves, the crashing lightning

Silhouettes of the oaks

Bent like a coward’s back

Under threat from summer skies

Painted shades of grey and black

Lost Transitions

Familiar blooms, taken for granted

Planted in good faith

Things aren’t how they used to be

The seasons seem to change

No space between

From winter to summer

Shorter falls and shorter springs

Flora struggling

Harder to take root

Cracked earth, bearing little fruit

Find Spring

Try to outrun the weather

Clouds sever, disconnected from the sun

Bearing down

Storm brewing in the door yard

Hard rain

Soil begging for days

The dry spell is over

Sky coming down in waves

Tomorrow’s Weather

Sun peeks through before slipping under

Just a taste on an overcast day

A sign of things to come

Forecast looking up

I keep my fingers crossed

Tossing my head back

I wonder at the sky

Until it fades to black

Until it’s time to rest my eyes

I’ll be dreaming of a sunrise