The Calm

Sun extinguished, inner light shines forth

Keep the gloom at bay

Wind swept fields

Bracing for the rain

The black shapes

Blanketing the sky

Lightning strikes

Turn a blind eye

A memory saved

Of summer storms

No longer afraid


The storm carried on, thoughtless

Product of cause and effect

Bearing down on sense of security

Weathering confidence

Things oft change in a hurry

Will we plunge into night?

Will we huddle up, warm under flickering lights?

Blighted trees, twisting in the wind

Know this

Your first taste of spring

Brace and Bear Witness

Heart beats, marking the lie

Hands tremble

Body shaking

Devastation soon to follow

Wind speaks, screams and cries

We attempt to deny

Shrug it off

Hope that it’s enough

Heart beats

Timbers tremble

House shakes

Nagging worries

Prepare for the worst

Witness ancient fury flay the surface of the Earth

Middle Weather

The cold rain falls

Wind whips it helter skelter

Change of seasons upon us

Still caught in the grips of winter

March comes hither

In like a lion

Roaring, clawing at windows

Best take shelter

Then, out like a lamb

Strange days on a northern strand

Wind Wail

Sun sets, giving rise to the wind

Scouring the earth

Leaves little but oblivion

Destruction in its’ wake

Another night, feeling nearby timbers quake


Suspended by thin nerves


Wailing through the woods

Shuddering Gale


Awning bucks in the wind

Tree trunks tremble

Torn limb from limb

Lights flicker

Early warning in effect

Windows shudder as I’m taking two steps back

Violent forces knocking at the door

Deadbolt and bar

Weathering the storm

Northern Whispers

Howling in the garden

Howling in the trees

Gaps in the door

The windows scream

Through weathered seams

Cracks begin to whisper

Creaks in the frame

Straining old timbers

Winter bearing down

First comes the fell wind

A cold and hollow sound

The Wind

Still sky, wrath suspended

The calm before the storm

Something unstoppable

Clouds taking form

Funneling to Earth

Stemming massive flows

Progression so deadly

In circles, they do go

Those who meet them, perish

Those who see them, hide

Never will they say again, “It’s just the wind, dear child”