One brief pause and then I’m back

Attention sometimes seems to lack

Attacked by small distractions

All the mundane things that pass hold some strange attraction

Detracting from my thoughts

A train that derails often isn’t worth as much

Just clutter on the tracks

Moving on in fits

Always seemingly held back

I’ve taken too much freight

There’s no way I can manage focus and this weight

Lifeless Boughs

The sky above is alive with flying clouds of color

Some might say I’m biased, but Autumn bests the Summer

Nothing holds a greater beauty

The poetry and despair of slumber’s colors blooming

Soon will come the cold

For now I’m basking in the warmth of orange, red, yellow bold

Truth told, we’re much like kin

Standing out the most before the fall takes us again

We then must start anew

Budding even after spending most the year subdued

Muted grays and tired browns

Waiting for the warmth to come and bring life to the boughs


Nothing seems to come on slow

Suddenly, most things go

Coming out of shadows

How can so much surprise lay in waters shallow?

Callow in the ways

I drift through murky waters I can’t navigate

I never stray to shore

Land doesn’t carry

The current moves me forward

Sure, there’s less control

Life on this dark river takes the burden off your soul

The Stray

I often slip away and hide myself from life

Wandering so aimlessly, in and out of sight

No light to guide the way

Never anywhere for long

Ever called “The Stray”

Strolling deeply shaded allies

Always somewhere in between

Never a fixed address

Passing close, though rarely noticed

The life of a Wanderer is lonely, though not hopeless

Focus likes seclusion

I may be lost in my own world, but I hold no delusions


Ramble and Flow

The way the letters drag out, they create an ebb and flow
Drizzles of dark misery, rapids that erode
Chosen without care, changing like the weather
Changing like the face of Earth, for worse more oft than better
Fretting over details will never take me far
That’s why I let words spill out and leave them as they are
Scarred by piece of mind
The lines are near infectious, just because they’re mine
And I am a miser
Hoarding this great sickness
Knowledge, yet no wiser
Just tired, frail…
I could burst
I let out excess pressure on the page in form of verse
Unrehearsed and poorly structured
It’s not innovation
My attention greatly suffers

Sweet Tooth Curse (Ingesting Words)

I know the taste of bitter truth

It can’t be cleansed

It’s of no use

Sweet tooth curse

No curing me

Ever seeking words to eat

Getting more

Exceeding what I bargained for

Flavor out of question

Swallowing them whole cuts out all the guessing

Ingesting fact and fiction