Change of pace.

I’ve been repairing and collecting consoles, controllers, accessories and games this last month. Perhaps something of a midlife crisis, but it’s been fruitful. Any boxed item in this picture is actually in the box, with everything included (even the paperwork). The Action Set and the Super Nintendo are both in near mint condition regarding the actual hardware, though the cardboard has aged in the way that most does. Since coming into my care and being worked on, this photo was the first time they’ve been out of their climate controlled, sealed containers. Something inside me really disliked setting it all out on the carpet, regardless of having vacuumed and dusted. I’ve still got to clean the shells of a couple systems, so I suppose I’m off to do that. Luckily all the soldering is out of the way for now. I hope everyone else’s month has been as productive, even if the world is set against you.

Warm Regards,


One Way Commodity

Though I’m here in spirit, my body has decayed

Consumed by my indifference toward my squalid state

Every joint aches, pains so damned persistent

Been so long since I tried

I no longer know my limits

Time is finite

Relativity can attest

It only slips away

Yes, time is only spent

Unlike the serpent, Money

You can earn that back

But it isn’t worth your time

Nothing is, at that

Perhaps I’m coming into focus?

I’ve never felt so clear, though lacking any purpose

The Rough

I never sit down with a plan

I simply shake my head

Whatsoever issues forth, sent to page from pen

Pensive thoughts aren’t worth a lot

I like mine unrefined

The beauty of a diamond before it’s cut to size

Moments fly by me en masse

No time to overthink them, for others will slip past

I spend my time in the rough, surrounded by raw beauty

The jeweler wastes their time, ever faceting and smoothing


The Big One

I’ve been sitting on a little gem for years now and I think it’s time to pursue it. If I can get enough traction with this article, I’ll become somewhat of a household name. Not exactly the kind of author I hoped to become, but it’s a once in a lifetime chance at something truly notable. Everyone wants to leave their mark, right? Give me a couple months. If all goes well, you’ll hear about it.

Solid Ground

Sometimes my lack of will betrays what I have done

Is my strength so spent that I struggle to move on?

Long battles leave me feeling tired

In this weathered state, I feel so trapped

I feel so mired

I try hard to take a step

I continue to sink deeper

It feels tight up to my chest

Each breath becomes a strain

I want to know the freedom of solid ground again

Run On

A sudden, bitter feeling pulls me back from edge of sleep

A feeling of wasted time and a life incomplete

Competing with the sweetness of this new found, missing piece

Confliction of emotions were never strong as these

Leading me down many a strange path

I hope that old taste fades and only sweetness everlasts

The Waiting Game

Well, I submitted my first pitch to Cracked. Sticking to the traditional list format and decided to start with “6 Children’s Activities That Teach Survival Skills”. I’ve got a few more that I’m flushing out, so I’m not worried if this one doesn’t make the cut.

No Teeth

I feel I’m running circles

Tracking my own steps

Writing of the same old things until there’s nothing left

No fresh ideas, no muses

Like a wolf that lost its teeth

I no longer have the tools to live

Don’t have the tools to eat

Nothing seems to go my way

It’s not for lack of effort

I just end up far astray

All the same wrong turns

I always feel so far behind where I was at first