The world round up “Terry chui” interview

Check out another great interview by Tom!

Freestyle video magazine

Tom – How long has the World Round-Up been happening, and how did you become a member of the group?

Terry – The World Round-Up started in 2012. This upcoming World Round-Up will be the 9th annual contest in terms of a live, in person contest. For the first two years of the pandemic starting in 2020, I proposed the idea of an online video contest to keep the freestyle community active and participating, so the Online Showdown was created and we ran that for 2 years. It was great to see so many freestyle skaters from around the world participate, and it gave people a chance to compete, even if they weren’t able to travel to a physical contest.

Tom – How is it organizing the only freestyle event in Canada ?

Terry – It’s a lot of work! We try to do our best to make it not…

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